11th PN Racing World Cup

PNWC 2015

For regional race run on RCP SMOOTH or ROUGH side, ranking will post on same regional layout!

http://pnracing.us/pnwc2015/PNWC2015-Regional.jpg  RCP File DOWNLOAD


Rules and Regulations

Final Version 15.08 updated Oct 5, 2015

1. PNR2.5W Chassis allowed for 2WD Stock, Le Mans Pro-Stock, GT Modified and Pan Car Modified classes. Special price $20.00 (retail price $28.99) for those who are signed up for PNWC 2015 Italy, available beginning Oct 7, 2015 to ship. [Part number 900100LE]

You can contact your local PN dealer or click on this link to order.

2. In Italy final race, there will be Pre-Qualify plus THREE qualifying runs for each class.




2WD Stock , Le Mans Pro-Stock, GT Modified, F1 Pro-Stock, Pan Car Modified.




P         There will be FOUR qualifying runs for each class.

P         Each run will last 5 minutes.

P         For the first run, the starting grid will be staggered in a random order.

P         For the second to fourth run, racers will be re-shuffled each rounds into heats based results

P         The starting order for each run will be based on the number of laps run in the time allowed.

P         Top Qualifier (TQ) will be awarded to the racer with the highest lap count for a single heat.

Mains : All classes Single Main 8 minutes, NO bump up.






P         The first tie breaker being the total of the laps and time of each drivers two highest pointed mains. Subsequent ties are broken by the single best laps and time of either highest pointed main.

P         Winner in each round will score: 100 points

2nd fastest will score: 98 points

3rd fastest will score: 97 points

4th fastest will score: 96 points

And so on, scoring one point less for each driver down to last qualifying position. If a driver does not start a heat, he receives no points.





Allowed Pre-Approved after market chassis. (Any manufacture please contact philip@pnracing.com to submit pre-approved chassis)



            #600600 PN Racing Plastic Pan Car Body

            #600800 PN Racing Lexan Pan Car Body

            #600900 PN Racing Light Weight Lexan Pan Car Body

            #ZTC026 Chevron Models Q-08a Lexan Body


We welcome other Lexan body manufacture submit their body to this rules, all information please contact philip@pnracing.com




            The rear bumper may be removed up to Maximum 20mm from the ground.

            Wheel wells may be cut forward or backward to accommodate different wheelbase chassis.

            Wheel wells may be cut or chamfered internally for tire clearance.

            Lower portions of the body may be cut for ground clearance in front, sides or rear.

            Body material may be shaved or thinned internally for weight reduction. Technical inspection officials reserve the right to disqualify any modified body deemed to be too fragile due to excessive material removal.

            Body panels may be reinforced or strengthened internally without affecting external appearance.

            Original windshield and windows must be installed, but can be modified by cutting unexposed internal areas.

            Original headlight covers must be installed, but headlight buckets may be removed or omitted. In the event that a headlight cover is lost, the hole may be covered with a decal.

            Taillights and taillight covers may be removed or omitted.

            Small body parts such as mirrors, canards, exhausts may be omitted or removed to prevent racing damage and debris on track.

            All rear wing comes with the body  may be installed according to the no height limited. Custom wings allow to use on the body, according to the height limited 45mm from the ground.













2WD Class

GT Mod Class

Le Mans Class

F1 Mod Class

Pan Car Class

Minimum Weight






Max  Wheel Base ( A )



MUST BE 102mm


94mm to 102mm

Maximum Car Length ( B )



Body Length


See the Bodies List

Maximum Car Width ( C )

* 80mm

* 80mm

Body Width


Maximum Wing Height ( D )

* 45mm

* 45mm

* 45mm



* Original body not apply for this rules.



Proper manners and good sportsmanship are expected from all drivers at all times. It is important to understand that general bad behavior like cursing, intentional bad driving, etc, will not be accepted and can result in a driver being penalized, disqualified or even asked to leave in extreme cases.

All participants will be expected to attend the drivers' meeting.  All rules are available online at http://pnracing.us/pnwc2015/pnwc-2015-rules.htm Drivers will be expected to understand and comply with each rule by the time they leave the driver's meeting. Ask any questions at this time.

If there is a rules dispute between drivers it must be brought to the attention of the race director or PN Racing personnel. The officials at the track will do their best to resolve any issue to the satisfaction of everyone.

If a racer notices an illegal item on another racer's car. Please report to PN Racing official after that racer's race, so the car can be inspected without interference.

Substitute drivers are not allowed in any qualification or main event race. An immediate disqualification from the event for both drivers will result.



All racers are encouraged to bring their cars to the officials during open practice so that any corrections can be made before the official inspection.

P             Before each race
Technical inspections will take place before each race. Inspections will be performed by PN Racing officials. If the PN Racing official determines that the car does not meet the requirements specified in this document the car will be deemed illegal and will not be allowed to race. It will be the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the car meets all requirements and passes inspection before the race begins. In the event that the PN Racing official does not catch a violation, the car will still be considered illegal and the racer will be subject to any consequences of running an illegal car.

P             After each race
Cars and radios from each race must be put on the post-race tech table for any post-race inspection that is required. Drivers that did not finish their race are still subject to this rule. Inspection of cars will start only after the start of the preceding race (for example, inspection for race 2 will start after race 1 has started and is underway). Cars on the post-race tech table will not be released until the end of the following race (for example, cars that ran in race 2 will be released when race 3 is completed).


Final approval to approve the legality of any car is not valid until after the post-race inspection.